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EcuTek ECU Data Monitor

click here for larger pictureThe ECU monitor is a device designed to monitor the sensors and operation of the vehicle engine management system and assist the driver with performance information and useful diagnostic information when a fault occurs.

In addition to these functions, several features are included such as water injection control for enhanced vehicle performance. The monitor reads its information directly from the vehicle ECU via a bi-directional serial communications link and updates the display data approximately five times every second. The user is able to create screens with the data that they wish to display depending on personal preferences. The unit also records peak data such as RPM etc. In addition, the user can set their own alarm limits which when are exceeded, can turn on an  external warning lamp.

Information is displayed on a 2 line by 24-character display and is controlled by 4 buttons. The unit does not interfere with the operation of the vehicle in any way. Available for ALL Subaru Turbo models from 1999 onwards.

  • Very handy for Track days and Drag meets
  • Also particularly useful for monitoring the condition of those ever so delicate Air Flow Sensors.